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Introducing the Staff at Distinctive Marble & Granite

Introducing the Staff at Distinctive Marble & Granite
At Distinctive Marble & Granite, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our hardworking staff! We want to take the time to introduce them so you can get to know them as well as we do.


Chad began working at Distinctive Marble & Granite as a summer employee at our original shop on Village Club Drive! Two years later he became a full-time employee. His favorite part of DMG is our huge showroom and how it has changed into a Designer Showroom. During his free time, Chad likes to watch the Blue Jackets and Buckeyes play, spend time with his family and exercise.


Dan has been with us for four years and finds the industry unique, and says that his most favorite memory made at DMG is working with the great staff. Dan tells us that the most unusual item in his desk drawer is a stuffed polar bear (we think it snuck in there because one of Dan’s six grandchildren thought he needed it).


Ryan began his journey at Distinctive Marble & Granite as an installer in April 2015. Shortly after, he was promoted to Shop Supervisor and has been running the shop ever since. Ryan agrees with Dan in that his favorite part of DMG is the people. With five kids and three rescued pit bulls, Ryan doesn’t have much free time, but still manages to take trips with his wife to different cities each year to watch the Washington Redskins.


Just as Chad got his start, John did the same! He worked during winter and summer breaks throughout school and was referred after his graduation from Ohio University in 2012. John tells us that the team is his favorite part of DMG (do you see a trend?) and that the relationships he has made throughout his career is one accomplishment he can't overlook. We are excited for John as he is getting married in June of 2018 to his junior high sweetheart (aww).


Even though Julie has lived in six different states throughout her life, she’s lived in Ohio for 16 years! Julie got her start at Distinctive Marble & Granite when she was brought over by a previous store manager. When it comes to natural stone, she finds that granite is the most interesting because of all the variations and colors it can come in. Julie tells us that the most unusual thing in her desk drawer is a first aid kit, but we think that’s pretty helpful!


Laura began her career with us after being recommended by a mutual friend of the owner. She tells us that the rotating material and the variety of new products is her favorite part about DMG. When she’s not at work, Laura likes to spend time with her family, read and be outside!

At Distinctive Marble & Granite, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our hardworking staff!


Tiffany has worked in the industry since 2001 and came aboard with our company shortly after it was opened. She tells us that one accomplishment she’s most proud of is being in the first group of “Million Dollar Sales Club” at DMG (we're also proud)! While not at work, she enjoys attending her son's sporting events and even joins the cheerleaders at every game from the stands!


Hope joined the team at DMG in 2014! She tells us that it’s almost like Christmas when shipments arrive from all over the world. One of Hope’s hidden talents is that she bakes a lot. Not only will she bake for her coworkers, but she’ll also bake specialty cupcakes as treats for her boys’ sports teams! During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs.


Kristi started with us after being recruited by another team member! She enjoys how beautiful and organized the showroom is and prefers quartz over granite and marble. Kristi tells us that she has a dammit doll in her desk drawer (who doesn't need to let out some frustration sometimes?). During her free time, she loves spending time with her son as well as cleaning and organizing.


Even though Lauren has only been with us for a year, she’s a great asset to the team. Lauren gives us the inside scoop and says that everyone likes to play pranks on each other to keep things interesting in the office. While not at work, Lauren loves to read as well as support her college alumni, The Ohio State University, defeat all the other teams, especially Michigan.


Chris tells us that his family is wild and crazy (but in a good way)! His favorite part of working at DMG is getting the opportunity to work with the different types of stones. While not at work, Chris loves to go riding on his Harley as well as watching Ohio State football. Go Bucks!

Now that you’ve learned a little more about our staff, stop by to see us at Distinctive Marble & Granite today! Our friendly staff can help you decide on what countertop material is best for your home as well as spark a fun conversation. Contact us today at 614-760-0003 to get started.

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