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Distinctive Marble & Granite's Story

Distinctive Marble & Granite's Story

Starting the company…..

“If you believe in something, you can make it happen.”

The dream became reality! Starting from a small shop in Powell, Ohio in 2001, Distinctive Marble & Granite has evolved to the largest fabricator of stone materials in the Greater Columbus area.

We have grown because our staff is entrepreneurial and has a dedication and commitment to providing the most educational and professional service to each client. Our emphasis is on the customer offering the best pricing and artistic work. We work with you every step of the way. Our clients become our friends.  

Distinctive Marble & Granite imports some of the most rare and exotic stone materials in the world. We maintain the craftmanship and certifications to manufacture and fabricate stone materials on the cutting edge, that only DMG can do. Our goal was to become ecologically friendly. By recycling our water, we keep our waste to a minimum.

Every business has their own story regardless of their size or industry. At Distinctive Marble & Granite, we want you, our customers, to learn more about our business and how we got our start. Read our Q&A session to learn about our background and what makes us so different from the rest.

Define Success?

When our clients are so happy they tell all their friends and family that the job was performed beyond expectations, we know we have a friend for life!”

Our team of employees are dedicated and committed to providing the best service possible for every client. We strive to keep an impeccable reputation by working closely with clients from beginning to install.  

Why Plain City?

“Plain City, Ohio provides easy access for customers from the surrounding cities. (Dublin, Hilliard, Powell and others). Our showroom offers the latest stone trends and showcases more products and stone offerings to our customers .”

You can relax in the comfort and beauty of our showroom that we have expanded for your convenience. Here we offer some of the most rare and exotic stone from around the world. DMG Offers more stone surfaces for your one-stop-shopping experience in the area. Moving to 11 acres gives us the opportunity to stock more inventory with over 5,000 stone slabs of all kinds.

The dream became reality! Starting from a small shop in Powell, Ohio in 2001, Distinctive Marble & Granite has evolved to the largest fabricator of stone materials in the Greater Columbus area.

What Sets You Apart?

“Our quality craftsmanship and artistic design give us the edge. Our people! Our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent service.”

We emphasize great communication amongst ourselves with daily meetings in our departments about jobs that have been installed the previous day and jobs that are coming up. By so doing, we are on the same page. We handle any issues quickly and efficiently. Customer Service is key in our business. Referrals are a big part of our business and we like them coming in. DMG tops the chart with positive online reviews.

Goals for Your Business?

To be the best and to provide impeccable service to every client, which includes retail, builders, designers, commercial and others.”

We have ongoing training opportunities for learning and developing new areas of our business. DMG is committed in the development of its employees with growth opportunities for the entire team. We enjoy the fact that we are in so many areas of the building industry. We strive to be the best fabricator and design company in the Greater Columbus Ohio area. Through the hard work and dedication of our employees, DMG is a leader in the industry!

At Distinctive Marble & Granite, we’re not here to just sell you beautiful materials — we’re here to create a relationship. As our motto says, “distinctive. like you.” We want to take the time to learn more about you and your preferences. Everyone is unique, and so are the materials you choose. Give us a call today at 614-760-0003 to learn more about our services.

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