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What's the Difference Between Granite and Quartz?

What's the Difference Between Granite and Quartz?

When selecting countertops for a new kitchen or bathroom, you can't go wrong if you choose either granite or quartz. Of all the options available, granite and quartz present distinctive, eye-grabbing style and luxury. Which material would serve you best in your custom kitchen or bath? Let's look at the pros and cons of each.



  • Natural — Commercial granite countertops come from slabs of real rock. Granite was made by nature and only quarried, cut and polished by man. 
  • Nature's Design — Although one of the most common rocks on the planet, the random patterns of mineral deposits found in granite render it a work of art no matter its source. 
  • Every Slab is Unique — Because Earth built the rock, no two slabs are identical. The swirls, flecks, and veins have their own design every slab, which means every granite countertop you choose will be unique. Like coins, minting errors make each piece more valuable.


  • Not Damage Proof —  Granite possesses rigid strength, but it can still suffer stains, chips, and scratches. A busy chef could conceivably break a piece off the edge or scrape a shallow gouge in the surface. A staining liquid could seep into the natural pores of the rock and become permanent. 
  • Must Be Sealed — To prevent stains, granite must be sealed after installation and re-sealed on a regular basis. Every year or so, you should renew the top coat to maintain a barrier between the countertop and spills, but at Distinctive Marble & Granite, we put a 15-year sealer on all of our installed granite countertops. 

Quartz also can be made in any color and rock density to suit your design preferences. Do you want a thrilling, vibrant color element in your kitchen that Nature can't provide while still enjoying the beauty of the stone? Quartz can give you that.



Engineered — By mixing 97 percent ground stone and 3 percent tough resin, quartz counters are designed to bring a mix of nature and ingenuity together into an attractive piece for your home. Many popular styles, though, will have your visitors peering intently at your counters and asking if they are natural stone. That's how close they can come to Nature's own handiwork.

Beautiful Designs — What nature lacks in creativity, man more than makes up for in the design. Because factories produce quartz countertops, they can offer a high amount of symmetry and consistency across the room. 

Multitude of Colors and Styles — Do you want a thrilling, vibrant color element in your kitchen that nature can't provide while still enjoying the beauty of the stone? Quartz can give you that. 

Damage and Stain Resistant — The resin used to bind the quartz aggregate eliminates the need for sealant. Quartz is wonderfully smooth and impervious to stains. 


Subject to High Heat Damage — The binding resin in quartz countertops can withstand a fair amount of heat, but you should always place a barrier between extremely hot pots and the surface. 

Choosing between granite and quartz can be a difficult decision. You can learn more and receive a free estimate by contacting us at Distinctive Marble & Granite today. We look forward to working with you!

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